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July 08, 2008 AT 11:00 AM EDT

Dulce María may not have the time to film a soap right now, but her RBD bandmate Maite Perroni, still wants to shine on the small screen, even if it means she’ll be spending less time with the band.

According to La oreja (Televisa), the 22-year-old redhead didn’t accept producer Carlos Moreno’s invitation to star in the new version of the old soap Cadenas de amargura, because she couldn’t commit the time. “I had a really great offer recently, but I couldn’t take it because it conflicted with some other obligations I have. They were going to start shooting soon, and we’re on tour all of August and Septemeber, so I wouldn’t really have the time. When it’s meant to be, then it’ll happen, but if it doesn’t, it’s for a reason,” said the young singer on the TV show.

Dulce María took a cue from her bandmate, Perroni, who currently is starring in the soap Cuidado con el ángel: “That’s the problem. She’s running around from here to there, and sometimes she can’t join us for certain things. We support her 100 percent, because she’s growing and it’s good. But it’s hard.”

However, straying away from the band a bit doesn’t seem to be affecting Perroni. The Mexican daily El Universal reports that a Cuidado… source said that the brunette still wants to develop her career as an actress. She’s even thought about asking producer Pedro Damián for more time off to make her melodrama dreams come true.

But just because Dulce María is holding off on soaps doesn’t mean she’s going to stop pursuing film work. The singer will make her big-screen debut in producer Stan Jakubowicz’s Una vez más (One More Time).

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