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August 19, 2008 AT 03:00 PM EDT

Many rumors have been floating around about the end of RBD. Many think it’s a publicity stunt to sell more records, while others think that member of the Mexican music group –Christian Chávez, Poncho Herrera, Christopher Uckermann, Maite Perroni, Anahí and Dulce María– are victims of their producers and label. However, in the Mexican daily Reforma, Dulce María assures that it was a group decision, and that Televisa had very little to do with their decision.

“That’s not true. If that was the case, we’d be doing RBD without Televisa. It’s an issue that we all discussed and considered carefully because we love doing this, we’re like family, like brothers and sisters. We’ve lived through so much together. It’s not that Televisa told us it’s over, and we’re victims,” said the singer, 22. “It was a difficult choice, but it’s a reality, and we spent a long time thinking about it.”

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The singer also said she’s in total disagreement with Anahí, who incited her fans to march against disbanding RBD. “We’re grateful to our fans, and it’s sad we have to say goodbye ot them. But it was a decision made by the six of us, and it’s a little weird that she’s protesting something that she herself decided to do. It’s already been decided. All we have to do is enjoy the time we have left together.”

Although she didn’t go into exact details about why the band is breaking up, Dulce María confirmed that each one of them has future projects in store.

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