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August 19, 2008 AT 02:40 PM EDT

Cristian Castro can now go back to the Dominican republic and not have to worry about the Association of Musicians, Singer, Dancers, and Performers ignoring him, now that they’ve lifted a boycott on the Mexican singer that was initially started because he had assaulted his mother, Verónica Castro, and his estranged wife Valeria Liberman.

According to website Listín Diario, the association has lifted the boycott against the Mexican singer who’s expected to perform on August 23 at the sports stadium in Santo Domingo, next to Puerto Rican salsero Gilberto Santa Rosa.

The president of the association Armando Féliz, explained that he came to his decision based on the fact that the singer has made amends for what he’s done to his mother and wife. “The best thing a person can do is recognize the error of his ways; plus, he’s an excellent singer,” said Féliz.

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Castro’s own mother even defended her son against the boycott. According to sources, Verónica Castro said she would fly to the Dominican Republic to “defend him from whoever or whatever might present themselves in opposition to him being there.”

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