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July 17, 2008 AT 10:00 AM EDT

After being in Mexico for one month where he made a guest star appearance in the soap Fuego en la sangre (Univisión), Cristián de la Fuente packed his bags and jetted to New York where he attended the birthday celebration for Miss Maggie Moo –the coquettish cow from Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream and Treatery–, at the marvelous Eva Scrivo salon in Manhattan, where the Chlean actor was undoubtedly the center of attention.

It as there where we had the chance to catch up with the 34-year-old actor and dancer, who dished about his experience filming the soap opera. Will her return to soaps? Is it true that he signed a contract to star in producer Salvador Mejía’s next telenovela on Televisa? How’s he recuperating after he injured his arm on Dancing with the stars? Find out answers to all these questions and more in our exclusive interview with De la Fuente.

Tell us about your experiences on “Fuego en la sangre”…
I was quite surprised because Salvador called me one day and told be about the possibility of being in the telenovela, and said, ‘perfect, no problem, when do I start?’ and it was like the next day or next week. So he sent me the script and I read it, I made some adjustments, and I got on a plane on Monday night, got there Tuesday morning, and started filming that afternoon. We shot all day, and had some intense scenes, but it was a great experience. My only fear was being a stranger in Mexico. Mexico is a very nationalist country, and it’s difficult to break into that market.

And did you feel uncomfortable?
No, no. I felt really good. Besides, people liked my character, and I felt good about that, cause I put a lot into it. It’s well written. He’s a great character. I think anyone would fall in love with my character. He’s noble, a gentleman, the perfect person. I’m happy that he ends up leaving but with the promise of returning.

So you’re going to make another appearance on Fuego en la sangre?
I don’t know. I’d love to, and so would Salvador, so he tells me. I think the timing might work out. They decided to extend the soap until October now, and I have a few prior engagements that I have to attend to, but I’ll have time later on. And if it doesn’t work out now, I think I’ll be working with Salvador in the future. He’s a great producer.

It’s rumored that you might sign a contract with Televisa to star in one of Salvador Mejía’s telenovelas. Is it true?
I don’t know. That’s new to me, and it means that PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL’s secret service knows more than I do! Currently the only contract I have is with USA Network for In Plain Sight. Imagine working for Televisa, the giants of telenovelas? For me, it would be amazing, and so ideal to work in both Spanish and English markets. It’s like I’ll be seen on Univisión from Monday to Friday on a soap, and then on Sundays I’ll be on the USA Network. I don’t know where I’ll end up on Saturday. Maybe Don Francisco will invite me on Sábado Gigante so I can be on air all week. A lot of actors think once you’ve made it to the big screen, going back to TV is a step back…
Most of the big stars started out doing soaps. I think when you have the opportunity to do a lot of things it’s great. In other words, I’m not going to stop my work in the English market to make a telenovela, and I’m not going to pass up on movie roles to make soaps. I’m just driving myself crazy by doing it all. There’s no one medium that’s better than the other. You can’t forget where you came from. Salma Hayek did telenovelas, so did Diego Luna and Gael García. If I can work in Mexico, that’s anything but taking a step back, it’s only a step forward.

How’s the arm that you injured during your stint on “Dancing with the Stars”?
It’s better. Recently I removed the cast, but I still haven’t regained complete mobility in my arm. It’s terrible that it wasn’t an injury sustained in war or to defend the honor of a woman, but rather as a result of dancing Samba. And the worse part is that it happened live on television, so I can’t lie about it!

And as a result of your arm, was it difficult to film the soap?
I was wearing an arm brace. The soap’s writers thought it might be a good idea to make my character a horse-riding bull-fighter, so I had scenes where I could use the arm brace, and I had help from Octavio Sánchez, a great Mexican bullfighter.

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