People Staff
May 01, 2008 AT 06:00 PM EDT

According to, Cristián de la Fuente has allegedly been sued by Kazuo Kimura, a man who claims the Chilean actor ran him over when he stormed out of a Porsche dealership in Beverly Hills, CA. The suit was allegedly filed Wednesday morning at the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

The report said the 34-year-old actor arrived to the car dealership on June 29th, 2007, and he parked his car in a way that blocked other clients. The staff asked him to move his car, which supposedly angered De la Fuente, who “in a huff, jumped in his Audi and without looking, hastily put his vehicle into reverse and accelerated into the Plaintiff.” Kimura says he was “knocked to the ground and sustained serious injuries for which surgical intervention has been recommended.”

The suit also stated that the Dancing with the Stars contestant “showed no remorse” and “blamed the plaintiff for standing behind his vehicle and then refused to provide his license and insurance information.” Even though the police allegedly arrived to the scene of the accident, no charges have been filed.

In a brief interview with, De La Fuente claimed that “my insurance company took care of it… I don’t know anything about any lawsuit.”

In an exclusive statement, the actor’s lawyer, Stephen Espinoza, told via email: “We are unable to comment on a filing we have not seen.”

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