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April 22, 2008 AT 03:55 PM EDT

As Cristian Castro and Valeria Liberman move forward with the divorce process, the Mexican singer is challenging his soon-to-be-ex-wife to prove statements she supposedly made regarding his sexuality, La oreja (Televisa) reports.

“If she says I’m gay, she should back it up with proof,” the 33-year-old singer quipped. “It’s a huge lie…I don’t think she has any evidence, and if she does, it would have to be a photomontage.”

Verónica Castro’s son also expressed sadness that Liberman, 33, has been sharing details about their marriage problems with the public. “If she’s been doing that, I think it’s really sad and a little unwise for couples to speak badly [about each other] when they break up. Everything that happens in a marriage is behind closed doors and should remain there,” Castro expressed.

The singer also denied rumors that he hit the mother of children, 2-year-old Simona and 3-month-old Mikhail Zaratustra. “I always have intense relationships,” Castro explained, “but that doesn’t mean there was violence. Sometimes all the love can cause a few scratches, but in no way am I an abuser.”

Another issue causing problems in their marriage was religion, Castro revealed, as Liberman hoped the children would grow up in the Jewish faith, and he did not. “There were a lot of differences that kept getting bigger and more dramatic: religion, nationality and, obviously, each of our strong personalities.”

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