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Cristian Castro declares bankruptcy


Cristian Castro
jpi studios

Cristian Castro’s fortune, derived from the sales of his 11 albums through his career, is slowly dwindling, as the singer pays expensive lawyer fees throughout his divorce proceedings.

“I’m bankrupt, but not completely penniless, like most people think. Lawyers are expensive in the U.S., and the ones that I have are leaving me high and dry,” said the “Azul” singer to the daily El Sol de México.

Although he’s paying a lot in lawyers’ fees, it might be the best thing he’s invested in yet. “We’re fighting for the judge to allow me more time with my kids. We know it’s difficult, but that’s why the lawyers are working so hard, and that’s why they cost so much.”

His financial troubles might be solved by year’s end. “Next December my new album will come out. It’s my return to pop music, and a pay homage to my dad,” said Cristian. “It’s a dance track…but I can’t tell you much more than that.”