People Staff
June 03, 2008 AT 05:00 PM EDT

The rumors that surfaced this morning that Dulce María is pregnant appear to be false. A rep for the Mexican pop band RBD assured People En that the 22-year-old singer is not pregnant. The rep also said they are investigating the source of this false information.

“It’s totally false. People make something up about the [band members] on a daily basis and we are now investigating where this came from,” the source said. The Los Angeles show Showbitz was the first to announce the news, which later proved to be false. However, the show’s reps deny being responsible for generating the rumor.

The reports, which spread like wildfire and were reproduced by other media, claimed the Mexican singer –who will soon star in a new movie by producer Stan Jakubowicks– was in the early stages of pregnancy. It was also reported that when she came back from touring in Europe with RBD, Pedro Damian, the band’s manager, would make an official announcement. They even mentioned a wedding!

This is all so false that the rep who denied the information said Damián had just heard the rumors this afternoon. Although none of the media entities in California that divulged the news claimed to have started the rumor, many point to the site as the origin.

It’s not the first time the fiery redhead is the target of pregnancy gossip. In 2006, when Dulce María was still taping the soap opera Rebelde, it was rumored that she was expecting a child from her ex boyfriend, soccer player Memo Ochoa. She denied the allegations that time and found them funny.

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