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People Staff
August 26, 2008 AT 12:00 PM EDT

While some haven’t agreed with the way in which Ricky Martin acquired his twin sons, his pal Chayanne, left moral arguments aside and was overjoyed for the “Livin’ la vida loca” singer, and congratulated him on his twin boys.

“I’m really happy for him. When someone wants something badly and is able to achieve it, I can only wish them happiness,” said the 40-year-old singer during a press tour in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The “Tu pirata soy yo”, who has two kids of his own, said that although he hasn’t spoken to Martin in person, said he hoped to do so within the next couple of days, and is happy that now he’ll know what it’s like to be a dad.

Regarding criticism that Martin has received, Chayanne replied “I respect every human being’s decision about how they want to have children.”

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