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May 15, 2007 AT 10:00 AM EDT

After Chile’s SQP magazine published photos of Cecilia Bolocco sunbathing topless in Miami with a man other than her husband, Carlos Menem’s wife said that the former Argentinean president “was upset,” but that he’s fine now and plans to go to Chile to spend her birthday, May 19th, with her.

The AP news agency reports that after Menem saw the images of the 42-year-old former Miss Universe next to Italian businessman Luciano Marocchino, the two had a civilized discussion.

“At first, Carlos was upset, and so was I. We worked things out. He knows how to take things sensibly, as usual, but undoubtedly, it must not be pleasant.”

The celebrity also emphasized in an interview with El Mercurio newspaper that the whole issue weren’t the photos, but that her private life became public. She said the photos were spontaneous and innocent, because she simply wanted to sunbathe without a bra.

Regarding her relationship with the former president of Argentina, with whom she has a son, Bolocco recognized that “we have a very peculiar relationship. We haven’t lived together for years.” But she emphasized that they’re not separated.

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