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December 11, 2008 AT 07:00 PM EST

Six months after Carmen Dominicci filed for divorce from her ex husband Fernando Del Rincón, the journalist broke the silence in an interview with Al rojo vivo (Telemundo). Dominicci said that the anchor of Primer Impacto(Univisión) attacked her in a Dominican Republic hotel, where they were staying to attend a wedding.

“We had a quarrel and it turned into a stronger altercate, shouts and insults. He started shaking me. He grabbed me by the hands and held me tightly in the closet,” and she added: “I was extremely scared, he slammed me against the wall.”

Dominicci, 42, makes clear that Del Rincón had never been violent with her until the day of the alleged domestic-violence episode in Dominican Republic, which she attributes to the fact that he was “under the influence of alcohol.”

“A lot of things were said that weren’t true. There was also exaggeration. It was said that he kicked me, which is not true. But it is true that he hurt me, he grabbed me by the neck, almost choking me.” The journalist also said that “I begged him to please let me go, that he was hurting me. And that’s when he screamed at me and said: “You got what you wanted, to turn me into someone like Osvaldo Ríos, congratulations, you did it.” Dominicci also said that she suffered domestic violence in her own flesh 15 years ago during her first marriage to actor Osvaldo Ríos.

“I have never liked to divulge private matters of my sentimental life. However, my credibility and reputation were at stake here, even mi professional career was at skate, and I thought that the only way to address this and clarify things was by doing an interview,” she said to explain why she had decided to speak up half a year after the incident.

Dominicci also said that Univisión, the network for which she worked for six years, did not support her. “I did not find support among Univisión executives who worked on this case.”. She also said that they made comments like: “Remember there’s a clause in your contract that says that you cannot make negative statements about another member of Univisión,” and she added: “They made very clear to me what they actually preferred, and they did it within the context of my new contract negotiation. It was extremely clear to me what it was they wanted me to do.”

After listening to Dominicci’s revelations, talked to Peter Robles, Fernando del Rincón’s representative, who admitted he had seen Carmen Dominicci’s interview, but said: “I have no comment for now.”

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