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October 02, 2007 AT 11:50 AM EDT

The Brave One
Cast: Naveen Andrews, Jodie Foster, Terrence Howard
Screenplay: Roderick Taylor, Bruce A. Taylor
Director: Neil Jordan
Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures
Rated: R, for violence, sexuality and strong language

Grade: B

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The Brave One, starring Jodie Foster and Terrence Howard, takes us to a pre-Rudy Giuliani NewYork, when crime, prostitution and chaos were just an accepted part ofthe Big Apple’s cultural landscape. The aesthetics of director Neil Jordan’s film remind us of gritty New York flicks like Klute and Taxi Driver (which stars Foster as a childprostitute).

Foster plays Erica Bain, the host of a New York public radioshow who witnesses her boyfriend’s murder while on a walk with himthrough Central Park. Erica’s disappoint with police attempts to catchthe killers leads her to take matters into her own hands, hit thestreets vigilante-style and pursue the killers herself.

The rest of the movie displays the diminishing mentalstability of the leading woman, whose lack of composure leads her toshoot down any wrongdoer who crosses her path. The only thing that’smissing is a Clint Eastwood-esque one-liner before she goes ballistic on her victims.

Despite some bad moments, the film’s consistency and Foster’ssuperlative acting put The Brave One at must-see status.Check it out as soon as you can, and judge for yourself whether Fosterplays the film’s heroine, or its villain.

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