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People Staff
August 12, 2008 AT 04:00 PM EDT

Rumors of sex tapes that were stolen from Belinda’s home have been spreading. But the singer assures that she has asked her burglars to respect her privacy, not because she’s afraid they’ll expose videos she claims don’t exist, but because she’s trying to ensure the safety of her family.

“I have nothing to hide. There’s no sex tape with me and some guy doing anything lewd, so I’m not even worried about that. I’m only worried about my family, who is most important in all of this. My parents raised me well, and I would never shame them like that, or make a video like that,” she told a Mexican magazine, adding that she was still a virgin.

“I’ve never even been intimate with anyone to be quite honest. Believe me, I haven’t even gotten to that stage yet. If I’m going to be with someone, I want to be in love with that person, and when that happens, don’t worry, I’ll let you know,” said the “Bendita mentira” songstress.

“I’ve never posed naked or topless in any photo. I’m sure there are some pictures of me in a bikini on vacation, but that’s about it,” she said.

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