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Isis Sauceda / Las Vegas
November 09, 2007 AT 02:00 AM EST

The green carpet parade before the 8th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards was nothing new this year. The majority of the celebrities showed up a little late, and a slew of stars hit the carpet moment before the show started and piled into the Mandalay Bay Events Center. But there were some stars who arrived early, like Jarabe de Palo, Grupo Bryndis, The Blue Man Group, José Luis Rodríguez (who came with his stunning daughter), Sergio Mayer and his wife, Issabela Camil.

For those of you who saw the show on TV, you might have noticed that some stars, like Mario López and Benjamin Bratt, came running in alongside the green carpet. Are the Hollywood stars too good for the Latin GRAMMYs? Ricky Martin came in the back way, too, but as the opening act for the show, he did, in fact, have to rush into the auditorium.

Some stars hit the carpet alone, like Érika Buenfil, Nora Salinas and Dayanara Torres.

Once everyone made it inside, backstage was full of jokesters, like Wilmer Valderrama, who claimed to be in Vegas because “I came straight here to go to church, to do normal things that young people do.”

And Ivy Queen kidded around about her chest: “The only thing I want when they make me a dress for the carpet is that my boobies look big. Can I pass for Pamela Anderson? I’m young. Now, when they start to sag, obviously I’ll perk them back up and put on my thong just the same.”

And there were stars who got angry. Dayanara Torres, for example, made it very clear in the press room that she doesn’t want journalists asking her questions about the child that Jennifer López and Marc Anthony are expecting: “I respectfully ask that you don’t ask me those kinds of questions. It’s been four years since I got divorced.”

There was love in the air at the event as well. When a reporter asked José María Torre how he liked his girlfriend Bárbara Mori’s shaved head look, he said: “She looks divine. I wanted her to stay like that for awhile, but we’ve got to do another movie in the summer.”

And we almost had to call the ambulance when La 5ta Estación singer Natalia nearly fainted from a superstar sighting. “My dream was to see Ricky Martin, and with that I can die in peace,” she gushed.

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