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January 20, 2016 AT 05:57 PM EST

As a little girl living in Inglewood, CA, Becky G dreamt of becoming a pop star like Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé. At 19 years old, her dreams are starting to become a reality. The young and proud Mexican-American singer-songwriter has taken the music world by storm conquering the hearts not only of her native English-speaking audience, but of a generation of English and Spanish speakers who relate to her humble upbringing.

How does she feel about being a role model at such young age? “It’s a very big responsibility, but I feel I’m ready to take that on,” says the singer without hesitation. “I’m the oldest [child] and I feel like I’ve always taken on that role, and now I can do that for many other girls. I get to do it at another level.” 

With her first acting role in the new Power Rangers movie (Lionsgate), Becky G will give it her all playing one of the mighty morphin teenagers in her favorite color, which —hint, hint— rhymes with mellow.

How are you preparing for your first acting opportunity?

It’s not easy being a Power Ranger; they are experts. There is a lot of physical [stunts]. I’m exercising a lot [for] endurance and all that important stuff. I think it’s important to look good for the role, that’s why I [do] a lot of training. 

You’ve said yellow is your favorite color. Is there a color you would never wear?

I don’t think there is a color I don’t like, I like all of them. I’m just willing to try when it comes to fashion.

Are you a risk taker when it comes to fashion?

Yes. One of my favorite looks that I did that was kind of pushing, daring, and just something new for me, was when we did the MTV VMAs [Video Music Awards]. It was this really vintage, cool skirt that was older than me, actually, and had this cool cutout on the side of the skirt that showed a lot of leg. And the top we chose to go with it was really fitting and cool. That was the first time I actually walked on a red carpet thinking: Wow, this is actually sexy. 

Becky G arrives at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. 
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How do you decide what to wear on stage and what do you base your style on?

My style is more feminine, but with the urban touch. I love wearing my tennis [shoes]: Nike, Adidas and all that. But I feel like a young lady when I put on some heels and lots of jewelry. 

What catches your attention from that urban/street style?

I just grew up like that. I think being from Los Angeles has a lot to do with it, and the fact that I am a rapper too. I love hip hop music. I think that has something to do with it too. 

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What is the one item you cannot live without?

My hoop earrings. My fans know you’ll never see me without them, they’re just like a Becky G signature. I feel more feminine [with them on].

Is it important for you to always wear jewelry?

For my outfits [it’s] very important because if I am only wearing sweatpants and I have my jewelry [on], it kind of makes the outfit pop.

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Would you like to create your own jewelry line?

I would love to, clothing too. I love fashion. I would consider myself a fashionista.

How does it feel that girls from your generation follow your urban sense of style?

It’s super cool. It’s good to know girls like how I dress and that they want to dress like me. For me, the most important thing is to feel secure and comfortable in your own skin, and if dressing a certain way helps that, I think it’s really awesome! 

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