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People Staff
September 13, 2007 AT 03:55 PM EDT

Pablo Montero’s legal problems are endless. According to a Mexican magazine, now the singer is being sued by Raquel Piedra, a woman from Costa Rica who says she has a son with the singer.

According to reports circulating on Escándalo TV, the 38-year-old artist will travel to Costa Rica and take a paternity test to find out if the child, whose name is Daniel, is actually his.

Piedra assures that the only thing she wants is for Montero to support the child, since the Mexican, although aware of the supposed pregnancy, didn’t take responsibility as the father.

“His excuses are always evasive. He speaks sweetly and would always tell me ‘I’m going to help you,’ but when the time came, it was always just words…When he found out he was going to be a father, he washed his hands of it; he didn’t do anything. He washed his hands of my child as soon as he was born, never came back to Costa Rica, because he knows if he comes in he won’t leave again,” she stated.

The woman doesn’t think that Montero, who’s expecting a child with Argentinean actress Sandra Vidal, would be a good father. “I don’t think he has the necessary characteristics to be a father figure. I will always tell my son the truth,” she added.

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