Carole Joseph
May 05, 2008 AT 03:35 PM EDT

“Don’t just listen to what they say I say, also observe what they say I do.” This is what Mexican singer Juan Gabriel told his manager Silvia Urquidi when he found out about the scandalous book Juan Gabriel y yo or “Juan Gabriel and I,” that his former assistant Joaquín Muñoz will soon publish.

In the text, Muñoz discloses the alleged affair between Juan Gabriel and the widower of Spanish singer Rocío Dúrcal. The book will also reveal other details about Juan Gabriel’s private life and name names of other public figures “El Divo de Juárez,” was allegedly romantically involved with.

“Junior, [Rocio Durcal’s widower] and Juan should stop that man and cover his mouth because we’re going into personal situations,” Urquidi said in an exclusive interview with “Rocío and Juan grew distant due to professional problems, not because Juan was ever involved with Junior, that was never [the cause]”.

Muñoz, who is originally from San Luis Potosi, Mexico, was a big fan of Juan Gabriel’s. Urquidi claims the singer hired him out of pity to fix up his home in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. “That man was a pollero, he used to smuggle [undocumented inmigrants from Central America] into the United States,” Urquidi added. “He always had his camera handy and Juan didn’t see anything wrong with that, but the way he is using those photos shows a total lack of respect for Rocio and Juan Gabriel. He is just after money.”

Even after all the gossip and accusations the soon-to-be published book has generated, Juan Gabriel does not plan to take any legal actions against Muñoz for the time being. “That man’s name should not be spoken. Don’t dirty your mouth saying his name,” the singer told Urquidi.

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