People Staff
December 10, 2007 AT 06:05 PM EST

With the help of a gift from a fan, Alejandro Sanz made fun of Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez during his concert at Miami’s American Airlines Arena on Saturday.

While Sanz was performing “La Habana,” a female fan threw a Venezuelan flag at the singer, who put his gift on and wore it like a cape. Another excited fan tossed a shirt on the stage that said “Chávez Sucks.” The Spanish artist, 39, picked it up and showed the controversial words to the audience, who applauded wildly at the gesture.

The “Te lo agradezco pero no” singer was forced to cancel a concert scheduled for November in Venezuela because of negative comments he made about the leader in 2004. Chávez sympathizers collected signatures in an effort to keep the Sanz performance out. The concert then got rescheduled for Valentine’s Day of 2008.

The Miami concert was Sanz’s last concert of the year. He’ll later continue his tour in New York.

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