People Staff
February 01, 2008 AT 02:15 PM EST

Once again, Alejandro Sanz is the Venezuelan government’s object of scrutiny. Their dislike of the Spanish singer started three years ago when Sanz expressed his disapproval of President Hugo Chávez’s politics. At that time, the artist said that he would come back to Venezuela to perform when Chávez was out of power. Now members of a branch of the mayor’s office in Caracas want to prohibit his next concert and declare him a “persona non grata in the entire country.”

Yesterday, the group proposed that authorities cancel the Sanz concert scheduled for Feb. 14. According to the organization, the goal is to reprimand “someone who both in and out of the country expresses himself as this singer has against our president,” said Evelio Arrieta, legislative president of the mayor’s office. Arrieta also asked the “Corazón partío” singer to live up to his word. “I think Sanz should be brave and recognize what he said about not giving a concert until Hugo Chávez is out of power,” the politician expressed.

The 39-year-old singer has shown his dislike for the Venezuelan leader on more than one occasion. During his last concert in Miami, for example, Sanz held up a shirt to the audience that said “Chávez Sucks” on it. The shirt was thrown to him by a fan.

In November 2007, Venezuelan authorities cancelled the performance he’d scheduled for Caracas during his El tren de los momentos tour. Arrieta’s group is hoping that history will repeat itself.

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