People Staff
November 04, 2008 AT 12:00 PM EST

Alejandro Fernández may be one of the best Latin American singers, but he royally messed up when he attended the Cumbre Iberoamericana in Spain, where he greeted Queen Sofia with a kiss.

The “Canta corazón” singer, 37, was greeted by the wife of king Juan Carlos, with sympathy, but many Spaniards were surprised that the singer broke the rules when it came to greeting her majesty, and even his dad Vicente Fernández, said his son messed up.

“Yeah man, this kid didn’t know what he was doing. It was innocent. He was kissing everyone in line, and it would’ve looked awkward if he didn’t kiss her too. I would’ve done the same,” said his father on La oreja (Televisa), who also broke the rules when he sang to the Spanish monarchs in the past.

“The king asked me to sing ‘Jalisco no te rajes,’ and I did, of course. Afterward, I gave him the hat I had on,” said the singer. Luego ya le regalé el sombrero que yo traía, dijo el cantante.

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