People Staff
July 06, 2007 AT 06:00 PM EDT

Mexican balladeer, Alejandro Fernández, remains hospitalized in a Guadalajara, México clinic where he is receiving medical treatment for pneumonitis, a malady that causes inflammation of the lungs that prevents them from acquiring oxygen.

The attending physician, Dr. Sergio López, said that although Fernandez is doing much better and has been taken off of auxiliary oxygen, the popular crooner would remain under observation for an additional 48 hours.

His illness, “was a situation that progressed slowly and became acute when he began to experience serious shortness of breath, fever and widespread discomforts”, said the doctor in an interview with a Los Angeles radio station.

Fernández admits that he began to experience symptoms approximately 20 days prior, but because of a huge concert scheduled in Tequila, Jalisco to promote his new album, Viento a favor he just couldn’t stop working. “The day of the concert I felt extremely ill, but somehow we managed to finish [the concert]”, he told a radio station in a telephone interview.

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