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October 10, 2016 AT 07:22 PM EDT

Adrienne Bailon has a lot to celebrate this year with plans to walk down the aisle with fiancée Israel Houghton and start season three as co-host of daytime talk show The Real. When she has some down time, the former Cheetah Girl is enjoying football season in style, teaming up with the NFL for their 2016 Women’s Apparel Collection. With all her projects in full swing, Adrienne spoke with Chica about her game-time style, wedding bells and the importance of the Latino vote.

First, congrats on your engagement! How is the wedding planning going? 

Wedding planning is going great. It’s actually been a lot of fun and I love that Israel has been so involved. We are so excited; it’s been awesome making our dreams come true. We’re keeping it intimate and elegant! Can’t wait!

Any bridezilla moments yet? 

No! Not yet, it’s actually pretty funny because I’ve been told I’m the calmest bride ever! Even my co-hosts ask me if I’m nervous or stressed and I tell them I’ve never been so peaceful and calm. Granted, I don’t know what will happen the day of! LOL.

Can you give us a little sneak peek into the special day? 

I’m really excited to be able to share my special day on The Real. The producers are like family so it doesn’t feel awkward having them capture the moments. They would be there anyway. I’m excited to share my special day with our viewers!

When you’re not trying on wedding gowns, you’re down to sport NFL gear. What are your tips to make sports gear cute or sexy? 

It doesn’t get any better than combining fashion and football. My personal style is very feminine, so I’m always adding chic touches to my NFL gear to make it my own. For example, I love wearing my Giants Majestic Winning Style T from the 2016 NFL Women’s Apparel Collection and glamming it up with a great pair of heels or statement jewelry. 

Speaking of the NFL: Rams or Giants? 

Well, I think it’s great that the Rams have moved back to LA, since I split my time between there and NY. It’s definitely fun to see the city get excited about the Rams. But for me, I’ve got to go [for] my G-Men because I’m originally from NYC! I obviously love wearing my Giants gear for game day, but I’m also a huge fan of repping my team and city all year around…even in LA! 

What sparked your interest in football? 

I love throwing great parties and when [the] Super Bowl came about, and I heard about all these creative ideas you can do with cheese plates and guacamole, I couldn’t wait to throw one. I love getting everyone to dress up and sport their favorite teams colors. After throwing my first party, I was hooked [on] the game and excitement.

You’re in Season 3 of The Real, that’s awesome! What can fans expect from the rest of the season?

We are feeling so blessed to be in season 3! I love that we continue to share our personal life journeys. Loni [Love] is detoxing, I’m on my journey to marriage, Tamera [Mowry-Housley] is raising two children, Jeannie [Mai] is deciding whether or not she’ll have children. I love that we share our lives, this season is going to be more personal. I also love that we can empower women and give back. 

We’re excited to have you at our Festival People en Español on October 16th in NYC. You’ll be talking about voting. What is your message to Latinos and the importance of their vote in this presidential election? 

Use your voice is the main message that I really want to get across and how important [it is] to vote. Voting is the greatest thing to do to bring about change. Educate yourself on the candidates and stay informed to make an educated decision. Latinos are the highest growing minority group in the nation; we have the power to make a difference.

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