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People Staff
September 03, 2008 AT 10:10 AM EDT

Many kids dream early on in life of performing and singing before a large audience. One of these little dreamers was Mexican Adrianna Foster, who, since she was 8, had no doubt that she was destined to entertain crowds of thousands of people from a stage. “I always knew it,” says Foster, now 22, who makes her musical debut with the album Esperándote. “But it was thanks to the support of my parents that I was able to make my dream come true.”

And it was not only the family support that allowed Foster to be a singer today, but she is also grateful to Barry Iván White –the son of musical legend Barry White–, who was the first to tap Foster’s talent when he invited her to sing with him in a series of concerts when she was only 12-years-old. “He [White] told my parents that they had to do something about my voice, and so we moved to Miami,” says the singer, who got married recently. “My life changed completely.”

Click here to listen to “Pienso en ti”

And, indeed, after she moved to the United States with her family, Foster’s solid voice broke through and she soon became a success. Today, “Pienso en ti”, the first single of her album Esperándote is heard with a lot of hoopla on the Mexican radio. This moved the renowned singer José José to knock on the door of the Foster household and ask to be her godfather. “To receive the recognition of someone as talented as Mr. José José is incredible to me,” says Foster. “I’m happy and ready to move forward.”

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